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Singhitarai, Nov 2013

The onset of monsoon was early (1st week of Jun 2013) and continued till end Oct 2013. As per Indian Metrological Department data the annual Average total rainfall in the area for the years 2004 to 2010 was only around 1150 mm, whereas the cumulative rainfall recorded at the project site in 5 months - 01st June 2013 to 31st October 2013 - was 2521.20 mm!!. The average rainfall was 16.47 mm per day with the highest of 462.50 mm recorded on 29th July 2013!!

This did not dampen the spirit of Abirites and the scheduled progress was achieved. A true example of the enthusiasm, spirit, coordinated team work, dedication, focus and committed efforts.

Singhitarai, 27th Nov 2013

The critical and precision task of "End Frame Fixing" of the Stator for the Unit 1 successfully completed.

Bhavanapadu, Nov 2013

This part of Andhra Pradesh witnessed a series of cyclones accompanied by high winds and torrential rains during the last couple of months. First it was Phailin, on 12th Oct. 2013 followed by Helen on 22nd Nov. 2013.

This caused extensive collateral damage in the area. It did affect the progress at the site. But the enthusiasm, spirit, coordinated team work, dedication, focus and committed efforts of Abirites was again at fore and works recommenced quickly.

Tala, Bhutan, Sep 2013

The senior officials of Druk Green (owners of the project) were so impressed with the ropeway system put by Abir for carrying equipment and construction materials from the right bank of the river Wangchhu to the weir site on the left bank, that they requested for retaining the system after completion of the job – to ferry tourists!!

We had to gently state that the standards for passenger and construction ropeway system are totally different and hence it cannot be used for passengers.

But we are sure that the Bhutan Govt. comes with one!!

The senior officials of Druk Green appreciated Abir’s good performance and in achieving tunnel break through.

Singhitarai,30th Oct 2013

Boiler Drum of Unit #2 was lifted 76 M and placed in position in a record time of about 6 1/2 hours!!

Singhitarai, 3rd Sep 2013

The 270 MT Generator Stator of Unit#1 placed on its foundation.

Singhitarai, July 2013

Achieved the safety record of 1 Million Cumulative man-hours without any major incident during the period October 2011 to June 2013. The Cumulative AIR (Accident Incident Rate) up to date is as low as 0.015!! (AIR = (Number of Reportable Accident x 1000) / Average Daily Manpower).

Singhitarai, 4th Jan 2013

960 CuM. of M40 concrete of TG Deck Slab of Unit #2 completed in record time of 14 1/2 hours!!

Singhitarai, Dec 2012

The 270 Metre RCC Chimney Windshield Casting completed in less than 8 months time!!

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